About Lifted Networks

LIFTED NETCOM has developed a bespoke customer management system capable of managing every
stage of E2E repair work flow processes.
The system can be implemented into the customer's current IT infrastructure to provide an integrated
monitoring system, improving engineering productivity and efficiency.
.Create tickets for case tracking.
.Ensure SLA requirements are met.
.Monitor and record all support activity.
IT System design &build

LIFTED NETCOM will design and build an IT infrastructure customized to maximize customer's
productivity and deliver sustained hardware reliability.
.Reduced Downtime.
.Improved Productivity and Efficiency.
.Streamlined Infrastructure for Improved User Compatibility.
Hardware upgrade
Hardware upgrades are available on all specified equipment but an additional charge will be incurred.
Approval will be sort by LIFTED NETCOM from a customer representative before any replacement takes
7 Consultation and Project Management

LIFTED NETCOM' highly trained engineers and project managers are available to provide customers with
specialist knowledge in core IT disciplines including Networking, Software and Hardware Support. LIFTED
NETCOM can assist in customer project management from plain initiation through to project assessment
and follow-up.
.Hardware and Software recommendations.
.Planning for support of new campus administrative initiatives.
.Evaluating of training needs for departmental users.
.Assessing file sharing, database, and backup needs for departmental data.
Network Support

LIFTED NETCOM provides support for network connectivity for all supported workstations. This support
includes the following:
.Assist the clients with network planning and ordering of network equipment.
.Install and configure software for accessing the LAN/WAN network.
.Troubleshoot network connectivity problems.
.Maintain the client's network to keep downtime to a minimum.
.Structural Cabling and enterprise wireless solution
.Internet, VoIP, Domain Configuration, VPN
Software support
We will provide assistance with supported applications. This includes the following services:
.Installation and updating of software.
.Troubleshooting of common problems.
.Help with basic usage.
.Protection against virus and malicious attacks


Technology Solutions include:

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