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First Citizens Bank, Luverne, AL

"Lifted has been working with us for over two years as a provider of IT solutions including network security, IT infrastructure, and VOIP telephony. Lifted does an outstanding job with project management and provides excellent customer support. The company is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to respond to my questions and concerns."

Jay Woodall

Gateway Bank of Florida, Daytona Beach, FL

"Superior quality, commitment, productivity, dependability, efficiency, and lower overall cost of ownership is why I chose Lifted Networks. They assisted us through the entire technology process and our network is strong, robust, and secure. Lifted Networks is a valued business partner with proven solutions and excellent results."

Tucker Longabach

Old Fort Banking Company, Old Fort, OH

"I want to thank you, your tech support team and Lifted for the security measures we have in place provided by Lifted. This week, we had an IT audit going on. They started a network scan and within a minute, a security technician with Lifted called me to let me know and the traffic was automatically blocked. The auditor said in disbelief, "The scan didn't go past 0%". Another scan began several minutes later from a different laptop, same results. Beautiful!! The IDS/IPS SecurShield performed just as well. I walked past them several times and they kept shaking their heads and shrugging their shoulders in disbelief and frustration. Their findings were listed on a single page with only a few high priorities, all having nothing to do with Lifted and your products."

Scott Halstead
IT Manager

American Momentum Bank, Tampa, FL

"Lifted’s proposal for the required technology products and services demonstrates that the company has carefully considered all of the bank’s need in its analysis and recommendation. The proposal also exceeds the proposed offering from the other vendors evaluated in terms of reliability, scalability, and redundancy. Additionally, Lifted has proven its commitment to the bank’s success by providing detailed information at a moment’s notice as it has been requested during the analysis process."

Clint Jones
IT Director

Summit Bank, Arkadelphia, AR

"Lifted has a proven track record of combining strong security and support with value. Our security assessment auditors continue to make positive documented comments concerning Lifted’s reactions to their security testing. Also, the support team does a great job. With our environment continually moving, this is a must."

Rick Coke

Sabal Palm Bank, Sarasota, FL

"Just wanted to thank you for the great job on the construction and installation of our network. I gotta tell you – the (CORE vendor) guys were impressed. They made specific comments on the way everything was labeled and organized. I’m sure it saved them a lot of time and eliminated the guess-work when doing their setup. They also commented on the strength of the firewall and said that no other denovo they’ve worked with was setup as securely and as well organized as we were."

Dave Froelich

CB&S Bank, Russellville, AL

"CB&S Bank saves time and money since we brought management of our telephone system in-house. Our new Call Center capabilities enhance our customer service since callers are greeted by a person versus a voicemail system. ShoreTel scales easily which means we can continue to grow without having to rely on a service provider. Least-cost routing capabilities reduced our long-distance expenses significantly. Our employee’s productivity was enhanced because of ShoreTel’s rich feature set. ShoreTel’s built-in management tools are the easiest administration tools we’ve ever seen. Lifted made our ShoreTel implementation and phone system conversion simple with little to no impact on our employees or customers. Thanks for your efforts!"

Jeremy Scott
Network Administrator

Intracoastal Bank, Palm Coast, FL

"We have been a customer of Lifted for 5 years and we are very happy with the service that we receive from Lifted. Their staff is very knowledgeable and professional. We are a small community bank and consider Lifted to be a big part of our team. We utilize many of their services such as IDS/IPS SecurShield, SecurBackup, Email encryption, SecurNoc, SecurLog, cabling services etc. We are secure in knowing that our network is safe and is monitored 24/7. I highly recommend Lifted for all of your network needs."

Cheryl Tanenbaum
S.V.P. Chief Financial Officer and Chief IT Officer

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