Disaster Recovery

When a disaster recovery plan is correctly drafted and implemented, it will make the process of retrieving lost data and the resuming normal system operations simple.

Types of Disruptions:

  • Natural  – hurricane, tornado, flood, fire
  • Human  – sabotage, virus, operator error
  • Environmental  – equipment failure, outage, electric power failure

Our disaster recovery experts will work with your organization to create a solution that will:

  • Take into Account Business and Operational Requirements
  • Ensure 99.999% Service Availability
  • Scale with Data Growth
  • Meet Data Security Standards
  • Fulfill Audit Requirements
  • Adhere to Regulatory Mandates

No design can be a “one size fits all”, so Lifted’s experienced Disaster Recovery Professionals will work with your organization to come up with a cost-effective solution that is based on proven technology.

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