Telecom Audit

Are you paying more than you should for voice and data?

Customers often complain about the complexity of their voice and data plans. Apparently, many of them are so complex that the carriers themselves can’t even keep them straight. There is a good chance that you are being overcharged, or that you can re-work your plans to get the same or better services for less money. Those monies go straight to the bottom line! The savings can be used to expand your networks or add technologies that do more for the bank – making people more productive and improving customer service.

Let Lifted audit your phone and data bills. If we don’t get you a credit or refund, or can’t reduce your phone and data expenses then you won’t owe us anything. If we can, we want you to consider implementing some emerging technologies (like IP Telephony, Virtualization, etc.), or simply pay us a percentage of the savings for our efforts.

What We Do to Help

  • Discover billing errors
  • Find ways to consolidate circuits
  • Eliminate unused lines
  • Restructure contracts for better rates

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