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Virtualization continues to transform how IT is managed, bought and deployed — for good reason. Implementing virtualization solutions provide more efficient utilization of network server capacity, simpler storage administration, reduced energy costs, and better use of capital. In addition to improving scalability and workloads, you save money, energy, and space.

Lifted’s virtualization design service pairs our Certified Consultants(VMware, Citrix, Microsoft) with your staff to transform an existing legacy architecture into something that is streamlined, efficient, secure, and supportable. The business value gained from our server, application and desktop solutions will fundamentally change the way you look at IT.

Virtualization provides:

  • Increases IT flexibility by allowing the provisioning of new servers, desktops and IT services within minutes
  • Reduces costs by consolidating servers and reducing power, cooling, and datacenter space needs
  • Minimizes downtime by reducing the impact of failures and protecting against disasters
If you fit into any of the following scenarios, it’s probably a good time to consider virtualization:
  • Handing a rapidly growing network
  • Implementing a comprehensive disaster recovery solution
  • Increasing the number of client device types
  • Mobilizing your workforce
  • Dealing with regulatory compliance mandates

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