Secure File Transfer

Complete security – complete peace of mind

As IT professionals search for the right managed file transfer solution, they should choose one that not only exceeds their security expectations, but also improves global collaboration, focuses on file transfer governance, enables compliance and enhances existing business processes.

Secure File Transfer

Lifted’s SecurTransfer solution is a highly secure and stringently compliant file transfer service. SecurTransfer is optimized for mission-critical encrypted transfer and storage of files and data with customers, remote employees, vendors and partners. There simply isn’t a more secure, compliant, and flexible managed file transfer solution on the market today. Coupling the feature rich service with a SOC II Type II data center makes the solution unbeatable.

Service Benefits

  • Built-in end-to-end encrypted transfer and storage
  • Email notification of upload and retrieval
  • Secure web portal with user profiles and aging
  • Monthly reports detailing all transactions

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