Spam Filtering

Get aggressive security where is matters most – your inbox.

Spam accounts for up to 95% of global email and remains the most common method of spreading viruses. It bogs down network traffic and leads unsuspecting users to malicious web sites designed to steal sensitive personal and company information.

Lifted’s SecurMail, Spam Filtering Solution, provides real-time spam detection for immediate protection from outbreaks. Our solution prevents embarrassing data breaches, increases confidence from your partners and customers, and keep your inboxes free of spam and malware.

Spam Filtering Service Benefits

  • Flexible routing

Decide how messages will be processed, and which users and groups can receive bulk mail. Use whitelists and blacklists to sort mail based on domain.

  • Strong protection

Our solution distinguishes legitimate communication from spam outbreaks in real time, blocking more than 99% of unwanted email.

  • Spam quarantine

Users can create a safe quarantine for spam, bulk mail, and suspect email messages.

  • Intuitive management

Easy-to-use interface makes deployment and ongoing management simple and straightforward.

  • Aggressive where it counts.

Many solutions analyze all email messages the same way. Lifted’s SecurMail categorizes messages and allows you to tailor your spam blocking aggressiveness.

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