Real-Time Monitoring

Place your network in the hands of certified professionals

For many organizations, network management continues to grow both in scope and complexity as data and IT demands increase. With network administrators being asked to do more with less, effectively managing networks is more important than ever. In fact, keeping performance, availability and security high while keeping costs low is increasingly critical in today’s connected environments.


Utilizing Lifted’s Real-Time Network Monitoring Service, SecurNOC, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that experienced LAN/WAN systems engineers are watching over the health of your network. In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses now require more strategies to enhance their Information Technology plan while reducing costs. Our remote network management offers such a cost benefit advantage in that it allows business networks to be professionally managed and monitored while minimizing IT costs.

Support Tiers and Options:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Provides network infrastructure performance and fault monitoring with notifications when alerts occur. Client notification of critical outages and automated reports are the core service deliverables.
  • Real-Time Management: Includes the features of the Real-Time Network Monitoring Service with the addition of priority remote troubleshooting, fault isolation and resolution of network infrastructure devices.
  • Server Management (Option): In addition to the features within the Real-Time Network Management Service, this service is focused on network fileservers and includes server administration, optimization, disk storage management, patch management, defragmentation, anti-virus application management, Backup notifications and custom alarm thresholds.
  • PC Support (Option): Adding to the features within the Real-Time Network Management Service – desktop/laptop PC troubleshooting, application assistance, patch management and anti-virus application management are included with this service option.

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