Log Monitoring

A common misconception is that security threats only come from external sources. A significant proportion of malicious activity actually originate from within an organization. Standard and necessary methods of protecting the network (firewalls and network-based intrusion detection and prevention devices) do very little to ensure the integrity of critical servers and workstations from an internal attack.

SecurLog, part of Lifted’s complete SecurSuite of services, was designed to combat this growing issue by monitoring event logs distributed by Windows and UNIX hosts. SecurLog utilizes trained security staff to monitor mission critical servers’ Event Viewer logs in real-time for policy and security violations, manage complex rulesets often overlooked when choosing standalone products and maintain logs required by regulators for critical devices. This service keeps your staff informed of internal security breaches without expensive applications, time-consuming installations and extensive training.

Service Features

  • Comprehensive Event Collection provides application, system, & security event data on critical devices.
  • Real-time Alerting & Notification generates alerts that allow you to set the specific criteria on hosts for which you need to be notified.
  • Compliance Logging & Reporting creates predefined reports to meet HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

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