Penetration Testing

Let us test your network security… before someone else does

As both the frequency and ingenuity of electronic attacks increase, so to does the need to regularly test the effectiveness of your information security controls. Theft of confidential data, such as client financial information and corporate secrets are no longer the sole objective of hackers as web site defacement now provides malicious individuals with a mechanism to degrade the public image of your institution. Penetration Testing remains a powerful tool to identify the vulnerabilities that may exist within your security architecture and gives you the opportunity to fix them before they are exploited.


SecurScan, part of Lifted’s complete SecurSuite of services, combines proven experience and sophisticated technology to ensure vulnerabilities are identified, analyzed and managed effectively to minimize risk and maximize business results.

Types of Testing

  • External Testing – Our security engineers utilize advanced techniques combined with a highly sophisticated testing platform, SecurScanner, to provide a holistic view of your current web facing security posture. By checking the available services, active hosts and safeguards implemented to thwart an attack, our staff is able to gain an accurate picture of what a potential malicious hacker would be presented with.  This information is presented in an encrypted electronic format that can be archived for audit purposes.
  • Internal Testing – To minimize the expense of an on-site assessment, a SecurScanner is shipped to your main office.  A security engineer establishes an encrypted connection to the device and performs a thorough test of your internal network security controls. The report is delivered in the same encrypted format as the external test.

Detailed Reports with Recommended Solutions

  • Comprehensive Reports – Our comprehensive and detailed reporting thoroughly document any exposures found during the course of penetration testing.
  • Rapid Remediation – All exposure results are clearly documented with prioritized solutions enabling your institution to perform remediation rapidly.

Service Benefits

  • Comprehensive Testing of Networks, Servers, Applications and Databases
  • One of the Most Experienced and Respected Penetration Testing Teams
  • Meets Federal Regulatory Requirements (GLB, SOX, HIPAA)

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