Web Content Filtering

Lifted’s Web Content Filtering Solution was designed to eliminate the costly expenses and increasing cost of managing an in-house security appliance.  Our service monitors and blocks malicious Web Traffic in real-time, making intelligent decisions that prevent employees from committing violations that could result in civil or criminal liability. Additionally, this service may improve the productivity of your staff by making sure that social media/networking sites(Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) are only available to employees at certain times throughout the day.

Service Benefits

  • Acceptable use controls let you define policies by user, group, IP, or domain; and also allows you to set time-based policies for Internet browsing during office hours, off-hours, or not at all – ensuring compliance to corporate web usage policies.
  • Web application controls allow you to selectively permit or forbid use of web-based applications by individuals or groups, protecting your organization from non-productive applications and the malware they carry. This includes online chat rooms, popmail , gaming sites, wikis, blogs, and more.
  • Advanced malware prevention scans web traffic for malicious content to prevent the infection and proliferation of web-based threats.
  • Zero hour threat response closes the window of vulnerability between when an attack launches and when scanning filter updates are developed and distributed, extending the protection from new threats delivered via web channels.
  • Attachment controls block harmful file types from entering your network via web-based traffic and applications.
  • URL filtering analyzes and blocks access to websites based on pre-defined policies, using content control to block sites for reduced risks and legal liabilities.
  • Dynamic inspection provides content filtering of uncategorized sites to bridge the security gap from where URL filtering capabilities end, providing an extensive web risk management boundary.

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